Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black History Month 2010

Welcome to the third annual Black History Month celebration. Let's open with last night's funky stylings of DJA-Rara, Bk's own Haitian rara band. Where can I buy a big horn like that?

Here are some other shots from the African Art exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum's First Saturday in February 2010. I had hoped the bitter wind and cold would keep the crowd down but if anything even the coat check was marked "Full."

This month we're going to look at a novel by the late Robert B. Parker (it stinks to write that), DOUBLE PLAY, an imaginary scenario about Jackie Robinson's bodyguard in 1947. Then, there's a new album by Ella Fitzgerald, a live recording called TWELVE NIGHTS IN HOLLYWOOD that's causing a sensation. The worst thing I ever read about Ella was that she was too technically perfect.

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Brigid said...

Nice pics. Thinking about it, I probably haven't been there in 10+ years. Philly has a similar tradition ("First Fridays") with free admission to most of its museums.