Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm with Coco

Leno's ban (he blamed his producer) of guests who appeared with Dennis Miller, Arsenio, Dave et al. is coming home to roost. This may be the greatest media fall since Winchell or Godfrey.

"Coco" was given to Conan by funnyman and Oscar winner Tom Hanks. As soon as Hanks said it and led the audience in a rhythmic "Coco" clap, you could see Conan think, "oh, no, this is going to stick."

Letterman must hate Leno. I had thought it was an act but no, this is no Fred Allen/Jack Benny feud.

image courtesy Mike Mitchell

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Brigid said...

CoCo's final guests are Tom Hanks & Will Ferrell:

The question is, where can I get an "I'm with CoCo" t-shirt?