Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vets Screwed Again; No Justice in NY City Council; Clinton and Truman

True or false: All service personnel earn lifetime V.A. care.


Because of the high demand, the gov't. made this asset and income dependent in 2003. Bob, our co-op board vice-president, told me he was denied V.A. care so I researched it and it's true. This used to be gospel--you served, you got what you earned.

Another casualty of the Iraq war? Yes. The money's gotta come from somewhere.

Bob was drafted too so this beats the needy greedy what's-in-it-for-me program-abusing non-patriot argument that Republicans give when one of their blondes denigrate true heroes and regular guys who did their duty.

Bob's a real guy by the way. He sounds like one of those phony examples politicians have to dream up because they don't meet enough real people like I do. The co-op is like a small town of 500 people except it's only on a couple of acres in three buildings. New York City Councilman Lou Fidler shows up at our annual meeting every year. His kids played with my kids in the playground when they were little.

Speaking of City Council, they have a staff member who has called for the assassination of a council member. This staff member's mentor [another councilman] wants to run for borough president [Marty Markowitz is term-limited out of office]. Got a feeling this will hurt his campaign. He has given her his full support. [Imus gets fired for a joke; this woman gets full support for a felonious death threat.] The president of the Council tried to fire her today but the legality of her authority to do so is in question.

Anybody see Clinton on C-SPAN2 last night? He gave a [long] speech at the 50th anniv. of the Truman Library. Great stuff, Tom enjoyed it too. Clinton said Truman, except for heroic service in WWI, didn't have much foreign experience but he was a voracious reader. He made reading and the quest for knowledge a running theme in the library-setting. Couldn't help but think of Bush when he said it.

He had some notes but he didn't need them. He'd still be talking if C-SPAN hadn't turned off the signal. He was always charming but now has reached a Will Rogers level.

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