Monday, July 23, 2007

Life Imitates Life: Vermont and Richie Havens Every 25 Years

I'm repeating stuff I did 25 years ago. Case in point 1:

In 1982 we took a trip to Arlington, VT and spent a pleasant time at the West Mountain Inn. I remember the inn dog, a basset hound named Frodo. Covered bridges [before THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY made them popular], memorable skunk smells, and a side trip to the Grandma Moses Museum in Benington are still fresh in my memory. In 1988 actor Michael J. Fox married actress Tracy Pollan at the West Mountain Inn. I imagine this gave the inn a boost so we were glad we discovered this place before it got too popular. The happy couple also have twins like we do, so there might be something in the syrup. Of all the places to which I've traveled, Vermont water has been the best on my insides.

This year we returned to VT, to a two-day wedding extravaganza in Ludlow. We stayed at the Jackson-Gore Inn, where the receptions [Welcoming, Wedding, Sunday breakfast] were held. First class in every way, except the two bathroom door locks [we had a suite] did not fit right and would not lock. Saturday morning I hiked up the hill, past the ski trail and the train tracks. It was exciting to see the train barrel through the mountain grading. I tipped the valet five bucks and am never sure what to tip a hotel valet.

Case in point 2:

In the 1980s we saw Richie Havens in Prospect Park. I'm pretty sure it was 1984. Richie did a number from a new album that reminded me a lot of Marvin Gaye, who had been killed that year by his father. I was thinking that Richie's agent was setting him up to pick up some of Marvin's audience for sexy soul.

Over the weekend we saw Richie again at Governor's Island. I learned that even though the island is closer to Brooklyn than Manhattan, it is legally part of New York County. Richie played the same songs since he hasn't charted in a long time and was well received.

If you're planning a trip to GI, take the free ferry next to the Staten Island Ferry. Bring food and water is the warning as there isn't much more than a hot dog stand or two on the island.

Case in point 3:

I'm taking a class in InDesign next week. I haven't been in a classroom, except for a first aid orientation a few years ago, since the week Reagan was shot.

The older you get it's harder to find things to do for the first time.


Gina said...

Oh that's a blast to the past. I used to live on Governor's Island! Waitressed at the Officer's club were they had elegant Sunday brunches and fancy weddings. That's where I had the nasty shoe debacle in my poem 'TAKE THE SHAME'.

Gina said...

second time around. I have to go there. Thanks!

Brian said...

I like waitresses and waiters. Way back when my father was a waiter at the Piping Rock Country Club on Long Island. He got Crosby's autograph and saw the Prince of Wales. Like any good Irishman he had an imitation of the English ruling class. Take the upper front two teeth and plant them on your lower lip, saying the nonsense syllables, "Fuf fuf fuf." Great party piece if the subject turns to ethnic insults or imperialism.