Sunday, June 17, 2007

KNOCKED UP/In Vitro Fertilization/When Life Begins

The new movie KNOCKED UP got me thinking: Does anybody think in vitro fertilization has gotten out of hand? It was a good idea but now it's Russian roulette for these poor dead kids. They're in a lifeboat and almost inevitably someone gets pushed overboard because there's not enough supplies for all to survive when they go for 6 kids at one time.

Here's a theory I developed on my own to answer the question: When does life begin?

If you can freeze it, thaw it, and implant it in the mother to successfully bring it to term, the embryo was not alive because freezing kills alive things. The frozen embryo was in a pre-alive state.

Embryos can be frozen from 1-6 days after fertilization in culture. They can't be frozen after 6 days because they're alive. Why? The attempt to freeze kills it just as you or I would be killed if we were frozen. I inferred that researcher must have tried freezing embryos past 6 days with little or no success. The freezing killed the embryo. Or did living in culture too long kill it? Either way, I conclude: Life begins on the seventh day. At that point an embryo cannot be frozen anymore for successful implantation.

Third Minn. Sextuplet Dies; 3 Critical

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June 16,2007 | (AP) MINNEAPOLIS -- Half of the sextuplets born prematurely to a Minnesota couple have now died, while the others remained in critical condition, hospital officials said Saturday.

A third boy, Lincoln Sean Morrison, died Friday. Two of his brothers, Tryg and Bennet, died earlier in the week.

The four boys and two girls were born last Sunday about 4 1/2 months early a Minneapolis hospital. Doctors had advised the couple to selectively reduce the number of viable fetuses to two, but they declined.

Parents Ryan and Brianna Morrison released a statement saying it's been "a difficult week" for them, and thanked everyone for their prayers and support.

"We continue to trust in the Lord and are hopeful for a good outcome for Cadence, Lucia and Sylas," the statement said.

Hospital officials said no further information would be released.


BayonneMike said...

Is Knocked Up worth seeing?

Brian said...

It's a rental [I haven't seen it].