Friday, May 18, 2007

Let's Go Mets Go--LET'S GO METS/Kidney Transplant

We had a Daddy/daughter day at the big Shea yesterday afternoon as the Mets staged one of the greatest 9th inning comebacks in franchise history. Down 5-1 in the ninth with one out, the Mets were about to let the Cubs steal a victory. Most of the starters were resting after Wednesday's late game, which was rain delayed to a 10:17 p.m. start. Willie Randolph called in the A-team to pinch hit in the ninth. Down 5-1, the Mets loaded the bases with two singles and a walk. Dempster walked Endy Chavez to force a run, Ruben Gotay and David Wright each singled to make it 5-4. Delgado followed with a two-run single to win the game.

The Mets picked a good game to give away tickets as it was schools day and there were tens of thousands of kids in attendance. The kids in our section were screaming for David Wright all day and were delirious with joy when he appeared as a pinch hitter, and beyond ecstasy when he got a single.

Tonight the Mets dominated the dominant team of the previous century, the Yankees. The rumor is that if they sweep the once-mighty Bombers, Torre is out. Speaking of Joe Torre, it was shocking to read how Frank Torre, 75, accepted a kidney from his own daughter. This woman has young children of her own to raise. Unless my kids still need me to support them when I'm 75, I would never accept an organ from one of my own children. I like living but not that much.

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