Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Imus in the Morning

Anybody see Hughley on Leno this week? He did several coiffure jokes re the Rutgers team, left out the h-word, and said the press conference looked like the first time any of them had ever combed their hair. Leno did the standard Steve Allen/David Letterman line, "Good night everybody!" and waved good-bye, as if DL, gosh darn it, had gone too far and NBC would have to shut down the franchise.

And what about LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL? Isn't the title a play on "legally blind"? That should be banned because it offends me.

Imus will be back. The news last night said his contract required him to be irreverent and topical, and he was to be issued a warning by CBS if his performance is unacceptable. Four months into the contract I doubt there was a warning preceding the incident.

Charles McCord is still reading the news. Rob Bartlett called in this week to do Bill Clinton. Chris Carlin is still doing sports. I think I heard Lou Ruffino still on the board. One could argue that Charles, Rob, and Lou should be banned because they write and say offensive things, but not Chris, who is the good cop on the show. Yet Chris, with his “Fat Boy Lock of the Week” predictions, shows that he’s a self-hating overweight person, and that should not be allowed because it might hurt someone’s feelings.

They're keeping the mike warm for Don. Would it shock anybody to think that the conversation between Les and Don included the expression "until this thing blows over"?

Les will say that Don is reformed and has promised to lead the national dialogue on race. Les answers not to Sharpton, but to stockholders, who will not be happy to pay $40M for nothing, so putting Don back to work is the best course. I doubt no more than one member of the board would resign over this because it’s better to stay on the board and have some influence.

A brilliant move would be to dump the CBS Morning show and simulcast the revived Imus in th Morning radio show. They haven't had a rating there since Captain Kangaroo was bounced.

Keeping him off NBC will allow the employees there to continue under the delusion that they influence corporate policy. Someday, when one of the more vocal ones against Imus is fired by NBC, I wonder if he/she would accept a job at Imus' future employer?

Bernard McGuirk will be the fall guy in the whole affair.

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