Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Windows 10: Dead Start and Search Buttons--Fixed!

One day, my Windows 10 Start and Search buttons died. This fixed it. I posted at http://home.bt.com/tech-gadgets/computing/has-your-windows-10-start-menu-stopped-working-here-are-four-ways-to-fix-it-11364000314532#disqus_threadthread

Right-click desktop. Go to Personalize/Start (5th item). Click Start Full Screen/On.

Restart . . .

Right-click desktop. Go to Personalize/Start (5th item). Click Start Full Screen/Off.

Start and Search icons both restored.

The only odd thing I've done lately is let my son copy a DVD because his Mac has no drive. He used his old Windows logon, for the first time since I upgraded to Windows 10. I wonder if that is related to this problem in some way or just coincidence. I also had a problem with the icons locking into place to the left. There is solution for that too.

This worked just fine! Thank you so much!!


Brian said...

Godfrey Whitehouse Brian Black • a day ago

Thanks Brian - worked for me.


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Brian Black Godfrey Whitehouse • 2 minutes ago

Great! Maybe they will change the article title to "FIVE ways to fix it." I used to work with engineers and they would the call the other four approaches the BFH (big frakking hammer). I tried them first, then starting thinking smaller.



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Brian said...

Followup: It happened again and this fix no longer worked.

New fix: turn off Fast Start:
Control Panel.
Power Options.
Choose what the power buttons do.
Change settings that are currently unavailable.
Shutdown settings, uncheck Turn on Fast Startup.
Click Save changes.