Tuesday, December 31, 2002

GHOST DANCE: A Film by Eric Stannard

Ghost Dance is the story of Jack Peterson, a Native American who lives in New York City and has a gambling problem. Jack, a successful commercial real estate broker, begins to gamble his life away. Jack's wife, who teaches at a University, encourages him to revitalize his Native American heritage and spirituality that helps him to overcome his gambling addiction.  This story addresses the issues of gambling addiction as well as the concerns of Native Americans in an urban setting as they try to re-identify with their heritage and roots.

Michael Severance plays Jack Peterson and is of Mohawk descent.  Michael has performed in many roles for film and television, including the lead in the films Clean Break and Dreams of Stone.  Michael has had recuring roles in television's "Guiding Light" and "Another World". 

Kristin Johansen performs the role of Kat, Jack's wife. She has performed in many plays in regional theater, Off and Off-Off Broadway, as well as in films, television, and commercials. Recently, Kristin produced a cabaret show in Manhattan and performed the role of Carolina in the independent film Amazing Me.

Karen Garvey plays the role of Toni, Jack's sexy office co-worker.  Karen has been in many films including The Discovery Channel's production of The Great Gatsby, where she played Jordan Baker.  She has recurring roles on television's "All My Children" and "As The World Turns".  Karen recently played the lead in "How I Learned To Drive" at the Cincinnati Playhouse.
Franc Menusan, of Creek-French Metis heritage, plays the role of Trickster, Jack's spiritual guide and conscience.  Franc is a nationally recognized flutist who has performed in Carnegie Hall and at the Smithsonian Institution as well as working with Joan Osborn, Carlos Nakai, and Philip Glass.  Franc is a Member of the Board of the American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation.
Steve Curtis
Steve Curtis performs as Vinny, a gambling bookie.  Steve has just finished a production of a new musical called "Lords of the Sky" and is currently developing his own one-man show called "Star 69".  Steve also wrote and performed in his own film, Misguided Angel.

Jean Brookman
Jean Brookman, costume designer, has created costumes for many productions including "A View From the Bridge" at the Roundabout Theatre as well as costumes for "Harvey" and "Nunsense" at the Depot Theatre.
Other talent includes two actors who have performed on Broadway, the band Plastic Army, which is currently being courted by two major recording labels, as well as many other talented technicians and actors.

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