Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas from Mel Tormé

This is from my private stock and you probably won't find it on YouTube...

Let's view a clip from a Mel Tormé PBS Christmas show from the '90s. The song is the title tune from a Sonja Heine picture, IT HAPPENED IN SUN VALLEY. It's one of my favorites and after you hear this shamelessly romantic tune, this old gem might end up as one of yours too. Merry Christmas!

Ten awesome points if you can guess who the spangled band leader is before Mel mentions him by name. There was a time when every weeknight on TV, he played the greatest music ever written (which we only heard in 10 second intros and outros).

Clip from The Christmas Songs (1992), copyright WMVS/WMVT and Milwaukee Symphony.

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