Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 98th Birthday Dad

Happy birthday Dad.



Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Bri, but somebody was missing from these pix. In dad's memory, I brewed a pot of loose tea leaves. mp

Aislinn D. said...

Nice pictures. Seeing these pics of my grandpa when he was younger, I realize that I actually resemble him quite a bit. (Not surprising given how much people always say I look like my dad).

Dennis said...

Such good-looking chldren! I like how we were bundled up and it was only October. Then again, the pictures were probably developed in October, and it was actually July; Mom was very protective. Dad was too. I remember going to an SFP football game with Brendan on a Saturday - Chaminade, at Boys High Field. Dad said "Don't take the Franklin Avenue Shuttle" for safety reasons. We took it (Brendan made me do it) wth no incident. I have taken some of Dad's advice: I actually eat oatmeal now! Happy (belated) Birthday to Dad!